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FREE Car History Report for 2017

Having a free car history report is vital as car salesmen have a tendency to be a little deceiving. In a recent Gallup research poll, car salesmen were ranked the second most deceiving in terms of occupation, just above members of congress. There’s something to say about a job that generates its income from commission that brings out the worst in people. So, if you’re in the market for a new car, what should you be aware of when you go to the dealerships?

  • They’re professional salespeople. They will deceive you without you knowing. It’s best to prepare ahead of time, and go to the dealerships with some research and questions in hand. Never buy before doing your own research on the car type and model, making sure that it’s the perfect fit for you without someone chiming in to get you to second-guess your buy.


  • They will always ask questions about you for two reasons. First, everyone loves to talk about themselves and they know this. Second, they need to get a feel for you. They may have a few models that they’re trying to hit hard, but if they know you and what you’re more willing to buy, they will always change their suggestions to accommodate the type of person that you are.


  • Watch out for test drives. Obviously, salesmen are people, too. They are going to make you laugh, and make you trust them. But extended one-on-one time with a salesperson can be dangerous. They aren’t robbers or criminals, but they do have the ability to make you believe things that are not necessarily true.


  • They will not lie to you. They have a unique ability to dodge questions, answering in a way that makes it seem like they said something of substance, but they didn’t. If they don’t want you knowing the answer to your question, then they will never lie to you, but they will also never tell you the straightforward truth about something that might turn you away from a purchase. However, if you ask about a minor detail, they’ll be more than happy to admit defeat. They will use this method a lot – come out and say the straightforward truth about something that won’t break the deal in an effort to build trust.


  • Negotiate. You have this power. When buying something as large as a car, they’re willing to settle if it means that they get any money at all. Use your buying power in your favor!


FREE Car History Reports

Why is a Vehicle History Report Needed for Used Cars?

Here at Lemon Checks, we emphasize the importance of knowledge. Knowing what your used car has gone through can drastically affect your decision to purchase or not. Although it may seem like you can tell by simply looking at the vehicle, many bugs are hidden until you’ve been driving the car for quite some time. We offer a completely free vehicle history report, a free VIN check, and a free Carfax, along with many other services that can be accessed by simply using our site. Now I know this is seen all over the place – It’s as if everyone is offering something “free” nowadays, but there’s always a catch. In all likelihood, the only reason that you’re reading this blog is to determine for yourself whether or not our company and our model is a scam or not. Well I’m here to assure you that there are no ifs, ands, or buts, just absolutely free used car history reports! Try it out for yourself! Our reputation precedes us, and I’m sure you’ll find it to be true.


  • We are a small company based out of New York that has a very simple model: provide customers with the knowledge necessary so that they can accurately and efficiently determine for themselves if a used vehicle listed warrants a purchase or new asking price. We base our reports on what the car has gone through in its past vehicle history, leaving no stone unturned.


  • We know that the purchasing process can be grueling… we’ve all been there. We want to take that process and make it as easy as possible. No one should blindly purchase a car simply because the exterior seems to be what they say it is. We exhaust all of our resources and tools to get you the utmost accurate vehicle history report, including everything from the car’s conception to its current state.


  • Our team is fully compassionate about what we do. Comprised of car experts and self-proclaimed aficionados, we truly love what we do. This passion is reflected by our work everyday. Pursuing what we love while helping others to make the best used car buying decisions possible – we have success on all fronts.


We are not only a company, we are a family. One that wakes up in the morning to serve the potential buyer; one that derives its own happiness from that of others; one that prides itself on its results, and we will get you results. Not to mention our product is FREE! 

Top Five Safety Features to Look for in a Family Car


If you are in the market for a new family vehicle, you may be overwhelmed with the options that are out there. One important aspect that should never go overlooked involves the safety features of a vehicle. Some safety features are much more important or beneficial than others, so you need to consider that as well. When it comes to your family’s overall safety, there are five safety features that you definitely need to consider when choosing a new vehicle. Here are the top five features to look for in a family car:


The Features You Need to Look for When Buying a Family Car


1. Adjustable Seat belts. While all cars come equipped with seatbelts, not all seatbelts are made the same or perform in the same manner. You should look for cars that have adjustable upper seat belts. These belts allow you to change the position of the shoulder strap so you can accommodate the passenger’s size. You should also look for a pre-tensioner, which retracts the seat belt’s excess slack if you are involved in a crash. Some newer cars even have energy management systems which will help keep the shoulder belt from exerting too much energy on your chest area, which can result in severe bruising or even broken bones. You should also check the back seat to make sure there are shoulder belts as well as lap belts.


2. Airbags everywhere. Check out the airbags. Cars have had airbags for years, but the airbags of today are not the same as the airbags of yesterday. Because of the pressure, weight and force behind an airbag deployment, children who are younger than 12 cannot ride in the front seat because frontal airbag deployment can kill them. Side air bags and head air bags, however, can make a significant difference and improve their safety. Make sure you purchase a vehicle that is equipped with multiple air bags so additional protection is offered.


3. Back head restraints. Cars are required to have head restraints for the front seats because in the event of a rear-impact collision they reduce your chances of receiving a serious neck injury. Check to make sure the car you choose has head restraints for the back seat as well. Head restraints can offer additional protection for your backseat passengers.


4. Anti-Lock Braking System. You will face the time when you must slam your breaks suddenly to avoid a collision. Panic braking should be taken seriously and you should be prepared for it. Many vehicles now offer anti-lock braking systems (ABS). ABS can prevent your wheels from locking when you face an emergency braking situation. ABS was designed to help you maintain control of your steering when you must panic brake. It wasn’t designed to prevent crashes, but it can help you if you learn how to use it properly and for your benefit.


5. Traction Control. If you want to maintain your vehicle’s stability when you must apply excess power, you may want to consider getting a vehicle that is equipped with traction control. Traction control plays a major role in maintaining the stability of your vehicle. A traction control system automatically adjusts the vehicle’s engine and will supply adequate braking force to specific wheels as your vehicle accelerates. This is beneficial when you are driving on ice or in mud for example.


Choosing the Safest Family Vehicle


There are many vehicle manufacturers who offer all these features in one of their vehicle models. You should be careful throughout the car selection process so you can find a vehicle that addresses the needs of your family, is comfortable, and has all the latest safety features so you are protected in the event you are involved in a crash. Safety should be given priority when selecting a car. Before you start visiting auto dealerships, you should do your research. Also, take the time to ask questions about vehicle safety ratings and safety features during the auto shopping process. If you choose a car that has all five of these advanced and beneficial safety features, you can rest easier knowing that you worked hard to ensure your cargo has been properly protected when you head out on the road.

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