How to Get a FREE Carfax Report!

While you will find many sites posting links to a cheap -or- free Carfax report, they will quite often simply direct you back to the main official Carfax website where you can get the full vehicle history at a discount by purchasing the reports in bulk. So technically, I guess that qualifies for a "cheap Carfax report" -- meaning you didn't pay full price for each car history!


You see, Carfax offers a discount when you buy at least 5 or more car history reports from them; instead of paying $39 per report, you can expect a discount of 50% or more when buying in volume from them directly at their website.


Plus, when you make your purchase with the link the person so helpfully provided to you, THEY receive a nice hefty affiliate commission from the sale as a "referral fee". 


You can expect to pay $99 for 5 reports and sometimes Carfax will offer unlimited auto history checks you can run in one month for around the same price point of under 100 bucks. However, still pretty expensive!


It drives you nuts! All you want to know is how to get a FREE Carfax report with NO strings attached! 


May I suggest to use caution when choosing a used car report from Carfax, as they have been accused of withholding negative vehicle history to benefit used car dealers & auto classifieds websites they are in a business relationship with; thus giving you a BIAS reporting of the vehicle records!


Instead, you can save money and get the same car history data along with the full, accurate automobile report by getting your vehicle history reports from an NMVTIS approved provider -- where ALL vehicle data comes from a regulated Government agency that reports from all 50 US State DMV’s.


If you already have the VIN number — the 17 digit vehicle identification number -- you can use a service such as LemonChecks to first run a free VIN check and then if you want, the full detailed report as a Carfax alternative!


You'll be able to get one much cheaper — around $10 or less— at the time of this writing! Plus, you can even run a preliminary free VIN check or VIN lookup to get a free vehicle history report!


Each vehicle history report & VIN check should ALWAYS search for:

  • Accident History
  • Mileage Records 
  • Odometer Accuracy Checks 
  • Sales History 
  • Previous Owner History 
  • Salvage Title Check
  • Theft Record Check
  • Prior Fleet -or- Car Rental Agency Use 
  • Plus, Over 250 Title Brands 


All reporting agencies that provide you a report should at the very minimum contain the aforementioned data points for you to reference on your used car of choice prior to purchasing so you can make the best, most informed buying decision.


Either way you decide, it’s always the best idea to approach negotiations with the other party when buying a car — with the most accurate vehicle data on hand, as this can account for either saving -or- losing thousands of dollars on your vehicle purchase!


That being said; besides having a full vehicle report on hand, you should also start with running a free VIN decoder along with a vehicle salvage check by doing a quick & simple free VIN lookup. There are many sites where you can do this for free with just your 17 digit vehicle identification number where you simply plug that number into the VIN lookup form on their site & hit “Enter”.


Perform a quick Google search with the keywords “free VIN lookup” and you'll have no problem finding a site that will run the search for you and return the automobile salvage & vehicle recall history check!


Lastly, the data which you can retrieve with a VIN decoder will be all the vehicle's pedigree information such as: 


Auto Manufacturer, Date of Vehicle Assembly, All Car Options & Standard Operating Equipment, etc.


Decoding the VIN lookup can be done at several sites for absolutely zero cost as well; arming you with plenty of data & negotiating points prior to visiting the car dealership or private vehicle owner next time you make an automobile purchase!


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