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When performing a Google search online for keywords like "free vin check" or "free vehicle history report" you will find a large number of results which may confuse you as to what is a VIN Check, what is the difference between it and a free VIN decoder, and which website will provide you with the real full free car history report and not just a basic VIN check.


The first thing you need to do is locate the VIN on your vehicle.  You will need to do an easy VIN lookup.  This can be found on the car dashboard visible through the windshield. You can also locate the VIN number on the driver door on the inside panel.  You will notice to perform your history check it is a 17 digit number that makes up the unique vehicle information number of your vehicle. The VIN decoder no cost online can break this down for you.


Each digit of that number actually means a specific thing pertaining to that particular car; such as where it was manufactured, make, model of the vehicle, etc.  That isn't the important information you are looking for when you want the full vehicle history report however. That information is what is returned to you if you enter your VIN into one of the basic Free VIN decoder.  It will just return this simple information about the history.  What you want to know is the full car history report that shows accidents, owner info, title information, salvage and theft records.


If you head on over to NICB - National Insurance Crime Bureau you can run a completely free theft, title and fraud salvage check on the car and this will be a great starting point when you want reports on any used vehicle you are in the market to purchase.


When it comes to all vehicle history information available, it only comes from one source and full free report are only accessible if you have the VIN of the car. All car history report companies get their records from the Government database maintained by the NMVTIS.


So whether you get your vehicle history report, VIN lookup or any other record of a car history it will all come from this same source. As this is the only entity that used car dealerships, repair shops and salvage yards report their data to.


Currently is the ONLY site that offers real absolutely free vehicle history reports and a complete VIN check at no cost via the form on our homepage that says "FREE Vehicle History Report".

A car history report or VIN check can reveal any problems against a vehicle that might make you think twice about buying, like:

  • - Previous Owners
  • - Any Lien(s) on Vehicle
  • - Car Maintenance Records
  • - Title History Problems
  • - Odometer Fraud/Rollback
  • - Flood Damage
  • - Vehicle Accident History
  • - Car Title Check
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